Motor Sport

Behind football and hockey, motor sport is the third most popular and most watched sports discipline in the Czech Republic. The hundreds of thousands of viewers of TOP disciplines and a similar number of visitors of major sporting events clearly indicate that we are a nation of motorsport fans. We are honored that our heart and our work are closely tied to these sports. Our long-term mission is to bring fans better and better experiences  in the form of audiovisual programs.

We are also a  partner of the Automobile Club of the Czech Republic  for the very area of marketing and broadcasting rights of the vast majority of motor disciplines.


TrueCam MCR V Rally

Český motorsport

The most prestigious Czech motor sport championship. In 2017, our team provided the historically most meaningful and most extensive media coverage of Czech rally racing. APO MULTICAM forwarded its exclusive rights to Czech Television, and produced its own outstanding show on the prestigious sports channel Nova Sport. Also thanks to our own video production, readers of the server idnes.cz could also watch the reports from the TrueCam MČR V rally.


In 2017, our team decided to take a brave step, and after agreement with the world motorcycle federation FIM, it produced the complete 14-part series of the Sidecar Motocross World Championships. This sport and its top championships have a 40-year history, and after season 2017, everybody agrees in unison that our company's arrival on the scene was a watershed moment. That’s because this was the first time in history that this high-quality sports series saw professional television production, which already in the first half of the thus-conceived season started to be broadcast worldwide on the platform Motorsport.tv.

WRC – World Championships in Rally

This championship is one of the absolute best that world motorsport has to offer. Rallysport as such is also by far the most popular motorsport in the Czech Republic, so logically also the world championships, run as a first league competition, are also widely watched. World Championship in Rally – WRC, ranks among the top three world motor sports alongside Formula 1 and MotoGP.

WRX – World Championship in Rallycross

Rallycross is an extremely attractive motorsport discipline whose huge tradition is mainly rooted in Europe. Until 2013, the top championship of this sport was the European World Championship. But starting in 2014, a new chapter began to be written in rallycross, when, thanks to the new promoter IMG, it became a world championship. Since that time, rallycross has registered a stellar rise, and it not by chance that this sport has garnered several awards for the fastest growing motorsport on earth. At the moment, great stars of motorsport are racing in rallycross, led by 9-time rally world champion, Sebastien Loeb. But other stars are here too such as Petter Solberg, Mattias Ekström, Ken Block and many others.


The start of 2017 saw the launch of another APO MULTICAM media platform - the Website ceskymotorsport.tv. Here, motorsport fans can see all of our productions and those from abroad, i.e. TrueCam MČR  in rally, WRC, WRX, WSC and many others. They all have this available free of charge.


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