We offer you the possibility of cooperation when implementing your sales and marketing activities. The target group of viewers and visitors of motorsport events is well described, and represents an attractive population segment with relatively strong buying power and decision-making skills.
We have specific experiences with support of not only goods and services direct linked to the world of motoring, and with those that at first glance seem utterly unrelated.
We can correctly set up communication towards a large mass of viewers at rally races, but also towards two orders of smaller yet all the more loyal groups of fans among small sports who are open to communication.
We know how to prepare a sensible communication range in the scope of from tens of thousands of Czech Crowns up to millions for long-term and extensive promotional events.


For many years, we have built our business by taking an individual approach. Be certain that at the start of any cooperation, we will be asking various questions. If we do not see potential in helping you, we will tell you straight away and never try to extract money from you for something that just won't work.
Our aim is definitely long-term cooperation founded on measurable results and a mutually fair approach.
At any time if something is not completely clear to you or if you want to hear whether some alternative exists, do not be afraid to ask.

TV advertisement

Do you think that advertising on television is only for those who have millions to spend on it? And that you need a media agency to delve into its secrets? Have no fear. We will be happy to show you that efficient marketing supporting brand consciousness or increasing sales can be done with far smaller budgets while still achieving a quality result. Contact us and we will show you the experience of our current clients, and we will search for the best solution that’s just right for you!

Advertisement at racing venues

Over 200, 000 people. This is the normal visitation of the largest Czech rally. Tens of thousands of people also attend lots of other races. Many of them are taking photos or shooting their home movies and sharing them with friends....At almost each one of these places so attractive for viewers, it is possible to install some advertisement. We can advise you, find a suitable form of communication, seek out locations and provide production and installation of advertisements. This is the way of getting into the biggest media, on social networks and into the subconscious of fans at the site of races.

Integrated 360° marketing

Especially for smaller clients lacking their own marketing department, we provide complex sales and marketing support in the area of motorsport. We will come up with a custom-made solution for you that can include advertising on TV or at racing venues, augmented by points of sale and a targeted online or offline campaign. By integrating multiple channels, we can create a synergistic effect and higher yield from this form of communication.




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