Audiovisual production

APO MULTICAM specializes in audiovisual  productions from the world of motorsport, but it also has experience in filming and consequent post-production in other areas as well. Thanks to cooperation with the very best in the field, the resulting product is always on a sophisticated, professional level.

Motor shows

Here, as they say, we truly found a home. We simply love motorsport, and that is the main prerequisite for turning any race or motor show into a quality and mainly entertaining program. We have created hundreds if not thousands of produced shows and all of them are joined by a single characteristic, which is television quality.

Standard video production

Since our team members are true professionals and moreover highly creative people, our company is capable of making just about any video. It all depends on the client’s wishes. Would you like an advertising spot? No problem. Or would you prefer having just a short, viral video? Just say the word. With a little exaggeration, we are ready to fulfill any wish you might have.

All available video material from the production of APO Multicam s.r.o. can be found at the Websites: www.ceskymotorsport.tv and www.fimsidecarcross.com


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