About us

The people in APO MULTICAM have nearly 20 years of experience in production of audiovisual and in particular television programs.

Our team is capable of working on several events in parallel and simultaneously, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Over a season, our teams travel tens of thousands of kilometers all across Europe. We have successfully realized thousands of programs, and we also have done a great number of live broadcasts. We have a knack for searching for a solution in places where others can't see any. We believe in the principle of Fair Play in sports and beyond.

All this and indomitable energy come together to form one team – APO MULTICAM.

Martin Beňa

Seasoned professional, hardened by all possibly imaginable production tasks and coordination of parallel, wide-ranging activities mostly realized within the tightest deadlines so that viewers could receive their portion of information and entertainment as quickly as possible.

Petr Krutský

Just about every motor sports enthusiast knows his voice. You would know his face if you were one of the racers or their team members. Then you would be among those who smile and enjoy shaking the hand of someone whom you understand and are genuinely happy to see…

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